You know that writer in your fandom who always write these crazy whacked-out sort-of-AUs, where there are all these extravagant explanations for why characters didn't really die or how canon events didn't really happen?

Euripides is totally that guy. So far I've run into Helen: Not Really In Troy! and Iphigenia: Not Really Dead!

ETA: Do you think if I'm writing a paper on differing ancient portrayals of Helen, I can get away with not reading Euripides's Helen? Because that one requires me to actually read and think critically and analyze, and there are so many other plays that I can just ctrl+F "helen" and take away a couple of lines about that slut Helen, who up and left her husband. Or that poor Helen, cruelly abducted by foreigners.

....yeah, I didn't think so.
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Heh - I think I actually did a post once after seeing a production of Hecuba that it was like fanfic - stuff happening in the interstices of the canonical story.
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I think my fav random Euripides thing is that he hated the idea of being known for his plays, but wanted to be noted as a warrior.

I named my cat Euripides. He hated everyone and was anti-social. It works out nicely. ;)
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