Hi! This is a place-holder post, and also sort of an introduction. I'm Laura Anne, and this is my Dreamwidth. When I find time, I'm going to get this all set up with a layout and a profile and reading/access lists, but right now it just...is.

ETA: layout achieved! and by 'layout', I mean 'I changed the colors to make it readable' because there's only so much i can deal with at once. basically, this meant that I stripped out all the black and much of the white. predictable, self. also achieved: hackery of my favorite greasemonkey script

TODO: -expand all
-make the sidebar behave - want usernames and username in commname, not subject and username, resp.. comment counts would be nice too. i think this is me clinging as hard as i can to flexible squares.
-borders on userpics?
-that thing where clicking on "n comments" takes you to the #coments page is not what i am used to - is this better or worse, and do i have the skills to hack at if it needed? (yes, i think)
-i can't tell links from bold.
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