Man, I had forgotten how nervewracking it is to start a flist. Or circle, I guess. Because once you get going you can add people little by little, but since I am starting and finding new one (a more RL one, as opposed to the fannish one I will eventually import from LJ under a different name), there's this moment where you just have to jump. And deal with the fact that for a while you will have a rather small subscription list that is sort of deeply lacking in completeness. (Completeness in the mathematical sense, where if you have one element you have the element next to it to, but right now I'm not sure what the next elements are. Also, hi, this is my brain on math.)

(This is something that people who have less dodgy mental health don't worry about, isn't it?)
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From: [personal profile] kaz

Hi! (I noticed you subscribed to me so I thought I'd come over and say hi.) I know exactly what you mean. :( I am feeling completely shy but it is so lonely out there with no flist and I have no idea where to start.

Clearly, I should have started with mathematicians. Because we are awesome. It's funny; on LJ, I had no mathmos on my flist and now I have *only* mathmos - okay, and one physicist. I do not see anything wrong with this picture!!! we have a maths comm yet anyway?

So in conclusion, hi! (...I should not post at 2am, should I.) I was curious when I saw someone added me, and you have an icon from *that* xkcd strip so you are clearly an awesome person.

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